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Statmedia_0 Miquel Calvo Probability and conditioned probability on the roll of one or two dice. App
Statmedia_1 Miquel Calvo Simulation of the weak law of large numbers App
Statmedia_2 Miquel Calvo Density, distribution and sum of independent variables of the most common probabilistic models App 
Statmedia_3 Miquel Calvo Type I and type II errors and power in a Z-test in 1 normal sample with known variance App
Statmedia_4 Miquel Calvo Type I and type II errors, power and p-value in 1 normal sample with known variance App
Statmedia_5 Antoni Miñarro Confidence interval for the mean of a Normal distribution App
Statmedia_6 Antoni Miñarro Simulation of a Linear Regression Fit App