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The risk of injuries in NBA and players’ vulnerability

Injuries commonly occur in sports, and their prevention is of utmost importance because of economic implications and their psychological impact on athletes. This seminar deals with the methods that allow to assess the risk NBA players have of getting injured, distinguishing the first injury and the following relapses. The first step involved the construction of a unique data set obtained after a non-trivial harmonization and merging of several data sources. The final dataset contained information about all the injuries occurred from the 2010-2011 season to the 2019-2020 season, the minutes played by each player (retrieved from play-by-play data), the players characteristics (age, role, BMI) and injuries-related features (e.g. number of rest days).

Two separate analyses have been carried out in the survival analysis framework with two different aims:

  • to evaluate the risk of getting injured (all the players have been considered);
  • to examine the risk of injury recurrence (all the players who got injured at least once were included in the dataset).

In particular, the Cox regression model with the frailty has been used. Using the analysed data, the role of the frailty has been further investigated to clarify its meaning. Moreover, we defined a new variable called Weakness to model the momentary vulnerability of a player caused by the occurrence of multiple injuries in close succession. The idea is that injuries that occur after few play minutes increase the feebleness of a player. Results suggest that the player’s role and the Body Mass Index have an important effect on the risk of injury and that the players’ contingent vulnerability, together with the length of rest affect the risk of suffering a new injury in a short period of time.


Ambra Macis, PhD in Analytics for Economics and Management (scientific area: Statistics). Is an Assistant Professor of Statistics at the University of Brescia. Her scientific research deals with the Statistical Sciences from both a methodological and applied point of view. She authored/co-authored several scientific papers in international journals and participated to national/international conferences. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the field of Statistics. She is a member of the BDsports project ( and is Associate Editor of the Journal of Sport Analytics, responsible to manage the papers dealing with basketball.