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ISCB 2019: Dates

ISCB 2019: Dates

The main dates of the 2019 congress of the ISCB are now available:

Call for abstracts: 1/12/2018
Deadline abstract submission: 1/2/2019
Report back to authors: 1/4/2019


> Bayesian variable selection
> Challenges of rare diseases
> Infectious disease modelling
> Intensive longitudinal studies with application in e/m-health
> Real-world analysis
> Recent advances in mediation analysis
> Surrogate marker research
> Statistical methods in health economics


> Adaptive clinical trials: frequentist and Bayesian
> Analysis of high dimensional data
> Bayesian clinical trials
> Bayesian nonparametric methods
> Bayesian survival models
> Causal inference in clinical trials
> Dynamic prediction models
> Dynamic treatment regimes
> Joint models for high dimensional data
> Medical device clinical studies
> Models defined by stochastic equations
> Models for biomarker discovery
> Personalized medicine
> Recent advances in models for missing data
> Recent advances in network and multivariate meta-analysis
> Software development and data analysis tools for clinical studies
> Statistical education
> Statistical methods for approximate likelihood based methods
> Statistical methods in genomics with applications in clinical research
> Statistics and machine learning
> Other