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Sergi Civit-Vives


Sergi Civit

Sergi Civit-Vives

Associate Professor

Department of Genetics, Microbiology and Statistics, section of Statistics

(University of Barcelona)



My primary research interest lies in the interface between computational statistics and bioinformatics, specifically developing and applying methods and tools for omics data analysis. However, I now spend more than half of my time at collaborative research in Human Genetics with Dr Grinberg and Balcells team (Genetic bases of osteoporosis project);  Paleogenomics with Dr Lalueza-Fox (Institute of Evolutionary Biology, (CSIC-UPF)) about statistical analysis for Ancient-DNA projects and nanomedicine with Dr Trigueros team co-director, Oxford Martin Programme on Nanotechnology and Academic Fellow at the Physics Department, Oxford University about the properties and characterisation of nanomaterials for medical applications.

Research areas:

Computational statistics.


Publication links:





Ph.D in Statistics (1998). University of Barcelona. Spain

BSc in Biological sciences (1991). University of Barcelona. Spain.


Statistics. Environmental science degree (UB)

Experimental Design and Data Analysis. Biology degree (UB)

Nonparametric and resampling methods. Statistics degree (UB-UPC)

Omics Data Analysis. Master in Statistics and Operations Research (UB-UPC),

Omics Data Analysis. Online Master of Bionformatics and Biostatistics. (UB-UOC),