Martín Ríos


Martín Rios Alcolea


Department of Statistics (University of Barcelona)




I was born in Archena, (Valle de RicoteLa Palestina Española, Murcia), Spain, in 1952. I later moved to Zaragoza,  where I studied Mathematics at the University of Zaragoza  for 5 years. In 1974 I moved to the University of Santander (today University of Cantabria), where I was assistant and associate  professor for 4 years,  and where I began my degree in Medicine. I then moved to the University of Murcia, where I was assistant  professor for 1 year. In 1979 I came to the University of Barcelona, where I was  assistant and associate professor, and I completed my degree in Medicine, graduating in 1981. I obtained my PhD in Medicine from the University of Barcelona in 1985. My dissertation was entitled  "Métricas entre Modelos Lineales y su aplicación al tratamiento de  datos en Medicina " and my PhD advisor was Dr. C. M. Cuadras Avellana.  I married in 1979 and I have three sons: the oldest,  Martín, is 32 years old, Daniel is 31 years old and the youngest, Santiago, is 28 years old.
I am currently Professor at the University of Barcelona.

My current research interests include: Data Analysis, Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Graphical Representation.

Research areas:

Data Analysis
Graphical Representation


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BSc (Llicenciatura) in Mathematics, University of Zaragoza.
PhD in Medicine from the University of Barcelona in 1985.