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Erik Cobo


Erik Cobo

Associate professor

Statistics and Operations Research (Barcelona-Tech)



I first studied Medicine and then applied stats in Paris and Essex. I worked as teacher in a private managing school and as statistician in a pharmaceutical company. I'm now full time stats teacher at Barcelona-Tech. I love stats, as a way to show up uncertainty behind "science".

Research areas

Research on Research, Trials, Teaching, Reporting guidelines

Publication links: ORCIDResearcherIDFutur-UPC


Graduate, 1980, and PhD, 1987, in Medicine from the University of Barcelona

DEA in Biometry and Epidemiology, 1986, at the University of Paris VI

Diploma in Social Science Data Analysis at the University of Essex, 1988


Mathematics and Statistics school: Biostatistics; Clinical Trials; and similar topics, 1991-2016

Computer Science school: Probability and statistics, 1991-2016

Supervision of PhD students (since 2007)

Nuncia Medina (2009). Efficiency in clinical trials according to the analysis method and measure reliability 

Jordi Cortés (ongoing)

Marta Vilaró (ongoing)

David Blanco (ongoing)

Current editorial

Methodological editor of Medicina Clinica, 2000-16, FI=1.417

Senior editor of Trials, 2012-6, FI = 1.731