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Alex Sánchez Pla


Alex Sanchez

Alex Sánchez-Pla

Associate Professor ("Titular d'Universitat")

Department Genetics Microbiology and Statistics



I graduated in Biology (1980) and obtained a Ph.D. in Statistics (1996), at the program of Probability and Statistics, Universitat de Barcelona. I studied mathematics at the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) and I obtained a Master in Bioinformatics (2005) by the University of Manchester.

What I do for living

I am currently Professor (“Titular de Universidad”) in the Department of Genetics Microbiology and Statistics, Universitat de Barcelona.

I am also the Head of the Statistics and Bioinformatics Unit (UEB, of the Research Institute “Vall d’Hebron Institut de Recerca” ( . I am a member of several scientific societies and have served as president of the Spanish Region of the International Biometric Society.


My research interest lies in the interface between Statistics and Bioinformatics. Specifically I am interested at developing and applying methods and tools for the integrative analysis of Omics data. I participate in collaborative researchs in biomedical studies in neurosciences, immunology, oncology and nutrition and metabolomics. I am group leader of the Statistics and Bioinformatics Research Group ( now embedded in the GRBio (Research Group in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics) UPC-UB group ( Recently we have started a fruitful collaboration with the UB’s Biomarkers and Nutritional & Food Metabolomics research group ( which has shifted part of our efforts onto this promising field.


My teaching activities are also related with these disciplines. I teach Advanced Statistical Inference, at the Msc of Statistics and Operations Research (UB-UPC), and Omics Data Analysis at the same master. I am currently University of Barcelona coordinator of the joint UOC-UB online Msc of Bionformatics and Biostatistics.

In the web

I am a passionate of open knowledge so most of what I do is on the web:

 Supervision of PhD students (since 2007)

 I have supervised several PhD students since 2007.

  • Josep Gregori and Josep Lluis Mosquera read their thesis back in 2014
  • Guillem Clot has just finished his thesis and is expected to read it in September 2017
  • Ferran Brianso is still working on it
  • Pablo Riesgo will start his research in September.

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