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Biostatnet - Marta Bofill
Located in Photo Gallery / Biostatnet - General Meeting (Santiago 2017)
Biostatnet - Moises Gómez
Located in Photo Gallery / Biostatnet - General Meeting (Santiago 2017)
Biostatnet - Young researchers
Located in Photo Gallery / Biostatnet - General Meeting (Santiago 2017)
BIOSTATNET: Dimitris Rizopoulos visita Node Galicia
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BMS-BGSMath Junior Meeting registrations open!
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Bonjoch A, Figueras M, Estany C, Perez-Alvarez N, Rosales J, del Rio L, di Gregorio S, Puig J, Gómez G, Clotet B, Negredo E; Osteoporosis Study Group.
High prevalence of and progression to low bone mineral density in HIV-infected patients: a longitudinal cohort study.
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The library bwsurvival is designed for situations in which there are two consecutive events of interest, E1 and E2, when the scientific goal is to infer on the time T2 until E2 given the time T1 till E1. The methodology is based on non-parametric estimation of the conditional survival function T2|T1 on a partition of different intervals of time of scientific interest (1 week, one quarter, one year, two years ,...) entered by the user. The proposed estimator takes into account the selection bias and the heterogeneity due to the dependent censorship, by using a weighted method on the observations of T1. The library allows the use of other weights defined by the user as well as the stratification of the survival function by a categorical variable. (Gómez, G. and Serrat, C. (2014) Correcting the bias due to dependent censoring of the survival estimator by conditioning. Statistics, 48 (2), 295 - 314).
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Call-Visiting Assistant Professor (uc3m)
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Carles Serrat Piè
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