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ISCB 2018: Sponsored Courses

ISCB 2018: Sponsored Courses

The International Society for Clinical Biostatistics (ISCB) is an international society which welcomes biostatisticians and members of other disciplines, such as clinicians, epidemiologists, clinical chemists and clinical pharmacologists, working or interested in the field of clinical biostatistics.

ISCB sponsored COURSES

The terms of reference established by the ISCB state that the Education Subcommittee should “support and organise educational activities, such as short-courses, webinars and seminars on contemporary methods in clinical biostatistics”.
We invite potential local organisers to propose statistical training activities to take place during the period 1 May 2018 to 31 March 2019. Any topic in biostatistics and any learning methodology are welcome.

Proposals should be sent electronically to:

More information can be found in the website’s “Education” section:

If even further information is required, please contact us:

Target Countries (training funded by ISCB)

ISCB funds training directed towards target countries in Eastern Europe, Africa, South and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South and Central America and the Caribbean. Financial support will not exceed 2000 euros per country.

Proposals should be sent electronically before 31 May 2018 to . Decisions will be communicated before 16 June 2018.


All Countries (advertised training using the ISCB name)

ISCB supports training by lending the ISCB name and by disseminating it among ISCB members.
In return, organisers are expected to offer current ISCB members a discount on the registration fee and to publicly recognise ISCB support.
Proposals must be sent at least 1 month before the proposed activity