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Spring 2023
June 2023 El creador de ChatGPT admet que cal regular la IA: "Si va malament, pot anar força malament" ChatGPT, IA, riscos
Teacher relationship skills and student learning Educational economics, Human capital, Teacher quality,Teacher relationship skills, Academic achievement, social-emotional skills
May 2023 Product reliability: How statistics fits in Product reliability
Is there a role for statistics in artificial intelligence? Statistics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science
Estratègia nacional de Ciència Oberta I+D+I, Fair, Ciència i Innovació, Universitats
Three Ingredients for Statistical Leadership Probability and statistics
April 2023 Ser mal profesor en la Universidad apenas tiene consecuencias y la nueva ley no le ha puesto remedio Sistema educativo universitario, LOSU
C.R. Rao Awarded 2023 International Prize In Statistics C.R. Rao, award
March 2023 Observing many researchers using the same data and hypothesis reveals a hidden universe of uncertainty Data analysis, uncertainty, reliability 
A Very Short List of Common Pitfalls in Research Design, Data Analysis, and Reporting Mixed-methods Research, Research methods
Software Cornner- Are the robots coming for us? ChatGpt, large language model
Restaurar assaigs Visibilització de dades, investigació clínica, assajos clínics
Supporting integrity of the scholarly record: Our commitment to curation and selectivity in the Web of Science Web of Science, research integrity, publishing, ISI, JCR
February 2023 ¿Qué significa enseñar bien en la universidad? Docencia, institución universitaria
What kind of systematic review should I conduct? A proposed typology and guidance for systematic reviewers in the medical and health sciences Systematic reviews, evidence-based healthcare, question development
Neoliberalismo, burocracia y Robert Maxwell: cómo las revistas científicas primaron el negocio sobre el saber Mercado editorial. sociedades científicas, revistas científicas
January 2023 Is my study useless? Why researchers need methodological review boards Review methods, methodological reviews
Transparent communication of evidence does not undermine public trust in evidence Evidence communication, transparency, uncertainty, trust, trustworthiness, communication
The next generation of evidence-based medicine Clinical trials, clinical research
Personalised Decision-Making without Counterfactuals Decision theory, counterfactual, potential response, intention to treat
Autumn 2022
December 2022
Reflection on modern methods: risk ratio regression—simple concept yet complex computation  Relative risk, regression, generalized linear models, epidemiology
Detectando patrones anómalos de publicación científica en España: Más sobre el impacto del sistema de evaluación científica Publicación científica, evaluación científica, editoriales científicas
A Framework for Causal Inference From Observational Data Causal inference, target trial emulation
November 2022 Reporting and data sharing level for COVID-19 vaccine trials: A cross-sectional study Vaccine trials, healthcare, data-sharing statements, VALUE
On the Convergence of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Data Science Epidemiology, biostatistics, data science training and education, causal inference, study design, electronic medical records
Why large language models should come with a content warning IA, GPT-3, language models
October 2022 Phases of methodological research in biostatistics - building the evidence base for new methods Methodological research, clinical research, empirical evidence
Modeling for Observational Treatment Comparisons Clinical trials, treatment comparisons
Introducing the FAIR Principles for research software Research software, FAIR
Susie Bayarri, reina bayesiana Estadística bayesiana, estadística, matemáticas
September 2022 Statistical Analysis Solves Crimes Probability
Reproducibility of real-world evidence studies using clinical practice data to inform regulatory and coverage decisions Epidemiology, Outcomes research
Ten simple rules for teaching yourself R Human learning, Syntax, Twitter, Data visualization, Programming languages, Language, Internet, Workshops
Investigación en el ámbito académico: ¿por dónde empiezo?
El porqué de los desafíos criptográficos: conocerte a ti mismo, conocer a tu enemigo Tecnología, criptografía, misterios, juegos educativos, lógica, matemáticas, participación lectores, seguridad internet
The fraught quest to account for sex in biology research Hormones, sex, biology research, cardiac cells
Spring 2022
July 2022 Ethics of Hype and Bias in Science Ethics, science, scientific integrity, bias, hype, publish, perish
Self-reporting and screening: Data with right-censored, left-censored, and complete observations Current status data, left censoring, nonparametric estimation, right censoring, survival analysis
Why we need data-literate citizens Envision, FutureOfEducation
Martha Aliaga, una vida dedicada a la didáctica de la estadística Didáctica de la ciencia, estadistica, matemáticas
Actitud, cultura organizativa y buenas prácticas: las claves para la digitalización de la universidad Educación superior, universidad, CRUE Universidades, educación a distancia, aprendizaje en línea, educación en línea, universidad española
Risk of bias in studies on prediction models developed using supervised machine learning techniques: systematic review
Teaching Statistics and Data Analysis with R Data science education, higher education, R, statistics education research
Data provenance and integrity of health-care systems data for clinical trials
RStudio is becoming Posit Rstudio, Posit
Raíz de 5: Nuestro pensamiento es bayesiano Podcast, bayesian 
June 2022 The Mega Millions Lottery and Hypothesis Testing Hypothesis testing, p-value
Sensitivity analysis in clinical trials: three criteria for a valid sensitivity analysis Clinical trials, sensitivity analysis
¿Afecta la nota de la EBAU al índice de abandono universitario? Universidad, evaluación, EvAU, acceso a la universidad, selectividad
Is the future of peer review automated? Rigor, reproducibility, transparency, automated screening, peer review
From Anna Menacher: A timeline of the most important statistical ideas of the past 50 years
Making data visualization more accessible for blind and low-vision individuals Research, computer science and technology, assistive technology, data, design, human-computer interaction, software, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (eecs), Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), MIT Schwarzman College of Computing, School of Engineering, National Science Foundation (NSF)
El sistema universitari català: dades i singularitats
May 2022 Exploratory analyses in aetiologic research and considerations for assessment of credibility: mini-review of literature
Clara Prats: «La diversidad de género enriquece la ciencia» Science, gender, education
Unfair Comparisons? Randomised clinical trials, statistical inference, causal inference
One statistical analysis must not rule them all
Visualising harms in publications of randomised controlled trials: consensus and recommendations Harm, visualization, randomised controlled trials
April 2022 No se puede cambiar el azar Probability
 Friendship paradox (spanish / english)
Ten simple rules for finding and selecting R packages Software tools, data visualization, peer review, open source software, internet,  citation analysis, metadata, source code
Data Visualization Using R for Researchers Who Do Not Use R R, data visualization, open materials
The Management of the COVID-19 Pandemic Evidences the Need to Transform Spain’s Public Health Education Covid, public health education, epidemiology and biostatistics, schools of public health, education impacts
March 2022 Ten simple rules for initial data analysis Metadata, data visualization, statistical data, reproducibility,  data management, research integrity, semantics, statistical distributions
Causal Directed Acyclic Graphs
From public health to personal finance, statistical literacy is essential for careers and everyday life Curriculum, statistics
The incremental value of the contribution of a biostatistician to the reporting quality in health research—A retrospective, single center, observational cohort study Citation analysis, research reporting guidelines, observational studies, randomized controlled trials, statistical methods, forecasting, medical risk factors, research quality assessm
Correction of scientific literature: Too little, too late! COVID-19, pandemics, scientists, careers, peer review, pcientific publishing, quality control, scientific misconduct
An empirical analysis of journal policy effectiveness for computational reproducibility Physical sciences, social sciences, computer sciences
Exaggerated false positives by popular differential expression methods when analyzing human population samples
Against metrics: how measuring performance by numbers backfires Work, economics, social psychology
February 2022 The Data Visualization Tools Wars
The JuliaConnectoR: A Functionally-Oriented Interface for Integrating Julia in R Language bridge, R, Julia, deep learning, neural ordinary differential equations
What are the Most Important Statistical Ideas of the Past 50 Years? History of statistics, data analysis, statistical computing
Analysis of 567,758 randomized controlled trials published over 30 years reveals trends in phrases used to discuss results that do not reach statistical significance Randomized controlled trials, language, linear regression analysis, confidence intervals, clinical trials, medical risk factors, peer review, test statistics
Comparison of Preregistration Platforms Preregistration
Testing the babble hypothesis: Speaking time predicts leader emergence in small groups Leader emergence, speaking time, sabble hypothesis, individual differences
January 2022 Credibility of scientific information on social media: Variation by platform, genre and presence of formal credibility cues Credibility, platform, scholarly communication, science communication, social media, Twitter
Sample Size Justification Power analysis, sample size justification, study design, value of information
Artificial Intelligence and Statistics: Just the Old Wine in New Wineskins? Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), statistics, methodology, reporting guideline
Autumn 2021
December 2021 The State of Open Data 2021 State of open data, open data, open science, figshare, digital science, Springer nature, open access, open data survey, FAIR data principles
Statistics instruction on the rise as data drives more decisions Statistics, school
Giving and taking: ethical treatment assignment in controlled trials Ethics, equipoise, placebo, informed consent, blinding
Overall and COVID-19-specific citation impact of highly visible COVID-19 media experts: bibliometric analysis COVID-19, citation impact, media experts
Managing bioinformatics pipelines with R Source code, R environment
EMA launches the Regulatory Science Research Needs initiative
Cómo el ataque de Pearl Harbor cambió la estadística de las pruebas diagnósticas Pruebas diagnósticas, sensibilidad, especificidad, curva ROC
November 2021 No time to die: An in-depth analysis of James Bond’s exposure to infectious agents Travel medicine, infectious diseases, sexual health, counterterrorism, espionage
Guidance for biostatisticians on their essential contributions to clinical and translational research protocol review Protocol, review, biostatistician, scientific rigor, translational research
Probability and Statistical Inference: From Basic Principles to Advanced Models (book review) Probability, inference
Seven steps toward more transparency in statistical practice
Prediction of sports injuries in football: a recurrent time-to-event approach using regularized Cox models Shared frailty models, regularized Cox methods, sports injury prevention, survival analysis
How burnout and imposter syndrome blight scientific careers Careers, lab life, institutions
A billion-dollar donation: estimating the cost of researchers’ time spent on peer review Peer-review, academic publishers, publication system
October 2021 The first malaria vaccine (article / map) Malaria, global health, infectious disease, vaccine
Projecte DIVINE: estudiem l'evolució de les persones hospitalitzades per COVID-19 (online / pdf) COVID-19, DIVINE, multistate model
Teach About Inequality With These 28 New York Times Graphs Inequalities, graphs
Choice of Outcome in COVID-19 Studies and Implications for Policy: Mortality and Fatality  Mortality, fatality, COVID-19, methods, policy, Missing Link Fallacy
Modelling publication bias and p-hacking File drawer problem, fishing for significance, meta-analysis, questionable research practices, selection bias
Prediction or causality? A scoping review of their conflation within current observational research Causality, etiology, prediction, methodology, epidemiology, scoping review
A cross-sectional analysis of meteorological factors and SARS-CoV-2 transmission in 409 cities across 26 countries Climate sciences, epidemiology, risk factors, COVID-19
Statistics at the zoo Longitudinal data analysis, patterns, impact factor, zoo
Toolkit para formación en ética de la bioinformática
September 2021 Graphical abstracts Graphical abstracts, visual abstracts
The statistical properties of RCTs and a proposal for shrinkage Achieved power, cochrane review, exaggeration, randomized controlled trial, type M error
Causal analyses of existing databases: no power calculations required (contact with to access to the full text) Causal analysis, observational analysis, meta analysis
Medical image editing in the latent space of Generative Adversarial Networks Deep learning, generative adversarial networks, medical image editing, histopathological images
Archetypal analysis for ordinal data Archetypal analysis, ordinal data, ordered stereotype model, uneven spacing
Interobserver and Intertest Agreement in Telemedicine Glaucoma Screening with Optic Disk Photos and Optical Coherence Tomography Screening, agreement, glaucoma, optical coherence tomography, retinographs, telemedicine
A class of two-sample nonparametric statistics for binary and time-to-event outcomes Clinical trials, mixed outcomes, multiple endpoints, multiple testing, non-proportional hazards,
survival analysis, weighted mean survival test
What's going on in this graph? Graphs, time, pandemic
The Awesomest 7-Year Postdoc or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Tenure-Track Faculty Life
Los Angeles County Predictive Modeling of the COVID-19 Pandemic COVID-19, hospital demand, SEIR
Spring 2021
July 2021 Can SARS-CoV-2 Global Seasonality be Determined After One Year of Pandemic? COVID-19, seasonality
Bias, precision and timeliness of historical (background) rate comparison methods for vaccine safety monitoring: an empirical multi-database analysis Vaccine safety, background rates, incidence, adverse event, surveillance
Alexandra Elbakyan: “I thought Sci-Hub would become legal in a couple of years” (news and twitter thread) Sci-Hub, scientific papers, publishers
Retrat alfabètic de Florence Nightingale Florence Nightingale, women, science
Beware performative reproducibility
June 2021 Scale Fail COVID-19, vaccine, risk.
Dynamics of HDI Index: Temporal Dependence Based on D-vine Copulas Model for Three-Way Data a la revista Social Indicators Research Copulas, longitudinal data, human development index, dependence.
Methodology over metrics: Current scientific standards are a disservice to patients and society Research cuality, methodology, reporting.
What Artificial Intelligence Still Can’t Do Artificial intelligence
Si no ho paga ningú, qui ho paga? Les Infraestructures de la Ciència Oberta Open science
The Absurdity of Peer Review Review, pre-print
Statistical programming: small mistakes, big impacts Programming, computation, statistics
Consistency of causal claims in observational studies: a review of papers published in a general medical journal Observational study, longitudinal study, cohort study, causal statements
Conceptual Thinking in Statistics and Data Science Education: Interactive Formative Assessment with Meaning Equivalence Reusable Learning Objects (MERLO) Conceptual understanding, education, simulations, MERLO, information quality, InfoQ
Estimating the COVID-19 Spread Through Real-time Population Mobility Patterns: Surveillance in Low- and Middle-Income Countries COVID-19, transmission, digital public health, social distancing, policy, mobile data, estimate, real-time, pattern, surveillance, low and middle-income countries, emerging countries, database, surveillance
Adaptation of Drosophila subobscura chromosomal inversions to climatic variables: the Balkan natural population of Avala Drosophila, chromosomal inversions, adaptation, temperature, selection
On the Convergence of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Data Science Epidemiology, biostatistics, data science, training and education, causal inference, study design, electronic medical records
May 2021 Researchers’ attitudes towards the h-index on Twitter 2007–2020: criticism and acceptance. h-index, twitter, research management, research evaluation, twitter academic research.
AIDS and COVID: A tale of two pandemics and the role of statisticians (article, and discussion). AIDS, COVID-19, diagnostic testing, infectious disease modeling, pandemic.
Social network size, loneliness, physical functioning and depressive symptoms among older adults: Examining reciprocal associations in four waves of the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam (LASA) Depressive symptoms, loneliness, older adults, physical functioning, social isolation.
April 2021 The p-value statement, five years on. Contact if you want access to the paper. p-value.
Understanding Open Data. Fair data, open data.
Ten Common Statistical Mistakes (article, and video). Statistics, mistakes.
Design of phase III trials with long-term survival outcomes based on short-term binary results (article, and R package). Clinical trials, primary endpoint, survival, sample size.
What It Takes to Give a Great Presentation. Presentation, tips.
Using the Geometric Average Hazard Ratio in Sample Size Calculation for Time-to-event Data With Composite Endpoints. Treatment effect, composite endpoint, randomized controlled trial, progression-free survival, simulation, copula, non-proportional hazards. 
Informe: Científicas en cifras 2021. Sciestist, women.
Quina és la situació de les joves investigadores a l'Estat espanyol? Sciestist, women.
Multivariate survival analysis in big data: A divide-and-combine approach. Contact  if you want access to the paper. Survival analysis, multivariate failure time data, bid data, risk factors, marginal model approach.
Independent increments in group sequential tests: a review. Failure time data, interim analysis, longitudinal data, clinical trials, repeated significance tests, sequential methods.
What jobs will be in greater demand after the pandemic? COVID-19, pandemic, jobs.
Identification of ZBTB18 as a novel colorectal tumor suppressor gene through genome-wide promoter hypermethylation analysis. Colorectal cancer, zinc finger, ZBTB18, methylation, tumor suppressor.
Change in Gap Perception within Current Practices in Assessing Students Learning Mathematics. Online education, mathematics, gap analysis method, student assessment, e-assessment. 
Phenotypic diversity and history of the Congo Basin populations: Equatorial Guinea, Bantu Speaking Central Africans and African Pygmies. Equatorial Africa basin, humans and environment, somatology, meta-analysis.
Visceral Adipose Tissue Phospholipid Signature of Insulin Sensitivity and Obesity. Discordant phenotypes, insulin resistance, lipid remodeling, metabotype, metabolomics, phospholipids, obesity, diabetes, biomarker.
A Checklist for statistical Assessment of Medical Papers (the CHAMP statement): explanation and elaboration. Methodology, statistics.
March 2021 World Happiness Report 2021 (news, report, and data). Happiest country, well-being.
Papers related with the doctoral thesis of Evi Gkioni: "Improving the planning and monitoring of recruitment to clinical trials". (Paper 1 and paper 2). Recruitment, clinical trials, recruitment prediction.
Tips to fight against Zoom fatigue. Video conference, fatigue.
The 2021 International Prize in Statistics awarded to Nan Laird. Prize in statistics.
Is the AstraZeneca vaccine secure? Vaccine, AstraZeneca, Oxford, COVID-19, blood clot.
A therapeutic vaccine against HIV. Interview with Beatriz Mothe. HIV, vaccine, anti-retroviral, viral load, clinical trials. 
Preferences on Online Gambling Activities among Adolescents: A Review. Online gambling activities, adolescents, review, mental health, prevalence.
How to detect and reduce potential sources of biases in studies of SARS-CoV- and COVID-19. Epidemiological biases, selection bias, misclassification, measurement error, COVID-19, observational data.
M.J. (Susie) Bayarri. Contact  if you want access to the paper. Bayesian statistics, history in statistics, women.
Assessment of transparency indicators across the biomedical literature: How open is open? Reproducibility in science, open database.
February 2021 Creating optimal conditions for reproducible data analysis in R with 'fertile' (article, and R package). R, reproducible data, common mistakes.
Confused by conflicting career advice? That's inevitable for academics. Career in academics, success, advice.
Data Literacy Charta (article, and charta). Data anslysis, data literacy, big data.
In 2021, Statistician Continues to be a Best Job (article, and ranking). Statistician, job.
Nepotistic journals: a survey of biomedical journals. Papers, editorials, questionable practices.
MARLIT, una aplicació basada en la intel·ligència artificial per estudiar les macrodeixalles marines flotants. Web application, plastics in the sea, estimation.
The natural history of symptomatic COVID-19 during the first wave in Catalonia. COVID-19, risk, hospitalisation, death, multistate model.
January 2021 What are the most important statistical ideas of the past 50 years? Causal inference, bootstrapping and simulation-bias inference, overparameterized models, multilevel models,  exploratory data analysis.  
A priori estimation of sequencing effort in complex microbial metatranscriptomes. Metatranscriptome analysis, genes, simulated series.
Bayesian statistics and modelling. Bayesian statistics, prior and posterior predictive checking, artificial intelligence.
GAISEII: Pre-K-12 Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education II (news, and full guide). Framework for statistics, data science.
Bootstrap: a small sample of ideas (keypoints, and teaching). Bootstrap, confidence interval.
No more Matildas (appendix, and web). Women, science.
Women's Advancement and Leadership in the Biomedical Research Centres of Catalonia. Women, leadership, biomedical research, scientific production.
Statistics in Medicine Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary. Journal, statistics in medicine.
Alfred Watson Memorial Lecture. 1962, Hill's criteria.
Autumn 2020
December 2020 Pfizer-Biontech: Safety and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine (article, and video). COVID-19, vacinne, mRNA, Pfizer.
AstraZeneca: Safety and efficacy of the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine (AZD1222) against SARS-CoV-2: an interim analysis of four randomised controlled trials in Brazil, South Africa and the UK. COVID-19, vacinne, AstraZeneca.
Are p-values Useful to Judge the Evidence Against the Null Hypotheses in Complex Clinical Trials? A Comment on "The Role of p-values in Judging the Strength of Evidence and Realistic Replication Expectations". P-value, null hypothesis, clinical trial.
COVID-19 Data in the Classroom. COVID-19.
Teaching Statistics during the COVID-19 Health Crisis. COVID-19.
Which is the square root of 16?
A priori estimation of sequencing effort in complex microbial metatranscriptomes (article, and flash review). Machine learning, NGS, metagenomics, metatrancriptomics,  rarefaction curve, sample size, sequencing effort, simulation.
How often do leading biomedical journals use statistical experts to evaluate statistical methods? The results of a survey. Biomedical journals, statistical experts.
November 2020 Statistics is for statisticians. COVID-19, hypothesis testing, inference, p-hacking.
"A Vaccine Trial from A to Z" with a Postscript. COVID-19, vaccine, AstraZeneca, placebo-control trial, Vaccine Efficacy.
Randomisation is not about balance, nor about homogeneity but about randomness. Clinical trials, balance, homogeneity.
Sending me data in Excel (advice, and video-tweet). Dataset, tips, Excel.
GitHub workflow for data science project proposals. Data science, R, RMarkdown.
COVID-19: la malinterpretación de los datos de la pandemia daña la confianza del público. COVID-19, data, pandemic.
Assessment of transparency indicators across the biomedical literature: how open is open? Reproducibility, science, open research, indicators of transparency.
October 2020 'Heard' Immunity? COVID-19, vaccine, clinical trial, Vaccine Efficacy.
The worlwide clinical trial research response to the COVID-19 pandemic - the first 100 days. COVID-19, clinical research agenda, hydroxychloroquine.
The history of statistics in a gif (text, and gif). Statistics, history.
Celebramos el Día mundial de la Estadística. Statistics.
La estadística puede ayudar a recuperar la confianza perdida durante la pandemia. Data, big data, statistics, COVID-19, data mining.
Is there a role for statistics in artificial intelligence? Computers and society, artificial intelligence, machine learning.
Semantic and cognitive tools to aid statistical science: replace confidence and significance by compatibility and surprise. Tests, p-value, confidence interval, Bayes factors, probability, interpretation.
The 450 Movement (article, and tweet).
Reference Collection to push back against "Common Statistical Myths". p-value, confidence interval, sample size, stepwise variable selection, post-hoc power, normality.
September 2020 Modeling the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Incubation Period: Impact on Quarantine Policy.  COVID-19, generalized odds-rate class of models, incubation period, infectious disease, interval censoring, left censoring, quarantine policy.
Some COVID-19 articles in Significance magazine (article 1, and article 2). COVID-19, open science, cause and effect.
Centenary Rao (homage videoRSS newsa living legend, and Facebook group). Dr. Rao.
Potential prescribing issues among older HIV-infected subjects in a Mediterranean cohor: Does the current prevalence give cause for concern? Antiretrovirals, HIV/AIDS, medication errors, patient safety, prescribing.
Use of "normal" risk to improve understanding of dangers of COVID-19. COVID-19, risk of death, normal risk.
Multimorbidity patterns in low-middle and high income regions: a multiregion latent class analysis using ATHLOS harmonised cohorts. Multimorbidity patterns, clusters, association.
Methylation regulation of Antiviral host factors, Interferon Stimulated Genes (ISGs) and T-cell responses associated with natural HIV control. HIV, DNA methylation, antiretrovirals, HIV-specific T cell.
Recent Developments in Clustering and Classification Methods. Unsupervised feature selection, histogram-valued data, compactness, hierarchical conceptual clustering, multi-role measure, visualization.
Spring 2020
July 2020 How to Identify Flawed Research Before It Becomes Dangerous. COVID-19, flawed research.
An invisible hand: Patients aren’t being told about the AI systems advising their care. Artificial inteligence, health system.
Doug Altman: Driving critical appraisal and improvements in the quality of methodological and medical research. Prognosis research, regression modeling, reporting.
June 2020 FOBI: an ontology to represent food intake data and associate it with metabolomic data. Self-reporting methods, metabolomic techniques, Food-Biomarker Ontology.
Exposure of zebrafish to elevated temperature induces sex ratio shifts and alterations in the testicular epigenome of unexposed offspring. Zebrafish, epigenetics, DNA methylation, sex ratio, transgenerational effects, global warming.
Prediction, Estimation, and Attribution (article, discussion I, discussion II, and rejoinder). Black box, ephemeral predictors, random forests, surface plus noise.
Talking about data (post I, and post II). Data, gather, compile, analyse, dips, slumps, growth, peaks.
Patterns of care and dropout rates from outpatient mental healthcare in low-, middle- and high-income countries from the World Health Organization's World Mental Health Survey Initiative.   Dropout, mental health, survival analysis, WMH surveys.
Duplicated research (blog, and tweet). Similarities in papers.
Universities will never be the same after the coronavirus crisis. COVID-19, policy, funding, education.
¿Hacia una Universidad virtual? COVID-19, education.
May 2020 Flash reviews (article, and twitter fill). Report, editorial intervention, randomised trials, manuscripts.
The chapter "A UAV-based 3D model for building condition monitoring"  of the monograph "Research and modelling in civil engineering". Condition monitoring, unmanned aerial vehicles, inspection methodology, building facades.
Why Test for Proportional Hazards? Cox proportional hazard model, survival analysis, Cox model, hazard ratio.
April 2020 Association of Premenopausal Risk Reducing Salpingo-oophorectomy With Breast Cancer Risk in BRCA1/2 Mutation Carriers: Maximizing Bias-Reduction. BRCA1/2, breast cancer risk, salpingo-oophorectomy, risk reduction methodology, multi-state model,systematic review.
HIVconsv vaccines and romidepsin in early-treated HIV-1-infected individuals: Safety, immunogenicity and effect on the viral reservoir (study BCN02). Romidepsin, HDAC inhibitor, kick&kill strategy, HIVconsv, early-treatment.
COVID-19 index of articles. COVID-19.
Prediction models for diagnosis and prognosis of COVID-19: systematic review and critical appraisal. COVID-19, prediction model.
Creating a Framework for Conducting Randomized Clinical Trials during Disease Outbreaks. COVID-19, vaccine, global health.
Regulatory Science Strategy to 2025. 
March 2020 Five tips for moving teaching online as COVID-19 takes hold. Education, online.
We know enough now to act decisively against Covid-19. Social distancing is a good place to start. COVID-19, symptomatic cases, well-tested countries.
A fiasco in the making? As the coronavirus pandemic takes hold, we are making decisions without reliable data. COVID-19, non reliable data, pandemic.
Coronavirus: ¿podría haber 100 veces más contagiados de los reportados? COVID-19, data, Spain, Madrid.
Top 100 R resources on Novel COVID-19 Coronavirus. COVID-19, data science, health, science, technology, education.
El tiempo de actuar con éxito se acaba. COVID-19, infectious diseases, respiratory diseases, and pandemic.
The Altmetric Top 100: the Top 100 papers 2019. Top 100, articles, 2019.
February 2020 Internet Gaming Disorder in Adolescents: Personality, Psychopathology and Evaluation of a Psychological Intervention Combined With Parent Psychoeducation. Adolescents, behavioral addiction, internet gaming disorder, parents, psychoeducational group, psychological treatment.
Powerful antibiotics discovered using AI (Nature new, and paper). Antibiotics, antibiotic resistance, antibiotic tolerance, machine learning, drug discovery.
What are fake interdisci-plinary collaborations and why do they occur?  Collaboration, research integrity.
Working 9 to 5, not the way to make an academic living: observational analysis of manuscript and peer review submissions over time.  Researchers, manuscripts, overwork.
A Novel Coronavirus Emerging in China - Key Questions for Impact Assessment. COVID-19, China, global health, primary care, infectious disease.
Combat burnout: respect the out-of-office message. Careers, lab life, research management.
Out of office replies and what they can say about you. Careers, lab life, research management.
January 2020 Global warming and chromosomal inversion adaptation in isolated islands: Drosophila subobscura populations from Madeira. Chromosomal inversion, climate change, selection, temperature, thermoregulatory behavior.
Eleven tips for working with large data sets. Computational biology and bioinformatics, computer science, information technology.
Embracing challenge: combining marathon training with graduate studies. Careers, lab life, biochemistry.
The pathetic p-value. Hypothesis test, p-value, significance, Bayesian approach, Fisher, Student.
Bad Pharma? Inference, naïve approaches.
Invalid inversion. Probability, conditional probability, joint probability, marginal probability, invalid inversion.
Date Contents Keywords
Autumn 2022
December 2022 How to name files?
Spring 2022
July 2022 Som sons
February 2022 Introduction To Causal Inference And Directed Acyclic Graphs
Autumn 2021
December 2021 La funció de les dades en Biomedicina Statistics, biomedicine
CWS Around the World Statistics, Spain
October 2021 Maximum Likelihood Estimation - A Comprehensive Guide (blog / video) Maximum likelihood estimation, probability
Watch: The tedious process of training computers to think about medicine, explainedArtificial intelligence
September 2021 Hagamos la estadística comprensible Statistics
Spring 2021
July 2021 Llampecs de Ciència: ¿Qué es una red neuronal artificial? Artificial neural network
June 2021 How R and Shiny can fight the pandemic? (post and video) COVID-19, vaccine, R, Shiny.
Bioestadística para no estadísticos: Regresión a la media. Regresión a la media, variabilidad.
Podcast Raíz de 5: Stat Wars Stat Wars, divulgation, statistics
May 2021 Entendiendo el valor P: ¿un rival de la Ciencia? (video, and material). p-value.
RTP Podcast: Martí Casals. Sports, statistics.
April 2021 SEB: spatial epidemiology video. Spatial epidemiology.
Ten Common Statistical Mistakes (article, and video). Statistics, mistakes.
Presentation of the book L'Alfabet de l'Estadística. Book, statistics, alphabet.
March 2021 A therapeutic vaccine against HIV.Interview with Beatriz Mothe. HIV, vaccine, clinical trials. 
Podcast: Women is Statistics. Podcast, history in statistics, women.
February 2021 Interview with Diego Gutiérres in "El sentido de la birra". Computation, statistics.
NASA and statistics. Team extreme: the statistics of success unit. Data analysis, probability, energy heat, magnetism, engineering, mathematics, space vehicles.
Florence Nightingale seminar (information, and video). Florence Nightingale, women, science.
January 2021 Bootstrap: a small sample of ideas (keypoints, and teaching). Bootstrap, confidence interval.
Autumn 2020
December 2020 Pfizer-Biontech: Safety and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine (article, and video). COVID-19, vacinne, mRNA, Pfizer.
Covid data translators, interview with Gerard Giménez. COVID-19, Catalonia, web.
GRBIO Divulga: "Estudios epidemiológicos de Cases-Controles y Cohortes". Epidemiology, case-control studies, cohort studies.
November 2020 Why feelings (and data) help humans assess risk. Risks, COVID-19, emotions, analysis.
Sending me data in Excel (advice, and video-tweet). Dataset, tips, Excel.
October 2020 Ways to Make Randomized Clinical Trials More Statistically Efficient (slides, and video). Clinical trial, efficiency, Bayesian sequential designs.
Presentation about Florence Nightingale. Statistics, women, Florence Nightingale.
September 2020 Centenary Rao (homage video, RSS news, a living legend, and Facebook group). Dr. Rao.
How do we learn what works? A two-step algorithm for causal inference from observational data (lecture, and more info). Causal inference, observational data.
Shiny app about Florence Nithingale (app, and video). Shiny app, Florence Nithingale.
Spring 2020
July 2020 Women in the Academy (video, and info). Women, gender equality. 
April 2020 Series of videos and slideson the topics of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics. Education, biostatistics, bioinformatics.
March 2020 Inside the mind of a master procrastinator, Tim Urban.
How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas, Manoush Zomorodi.
Date Contents Keywords
Spring 2023
April 2023 15 Best Statistics Podcasts Podcast, statistics
March 2023 Get started with esquisse R, package, interactive plots
  brinton: A Graphical EDA Tool R, graphical exploratory data analysis


rang: Make ancient R code run again R, reproducibility
February 2023 Las Alucinaciones de ChatGPT con Faraón Llorens Podcast, chatGPT
Autumn 2022
November 2022
Com descarregar un article científic? Guia, articles científics
editData R, package, data.frame
October 2022 Multilevelmod package R, package, multi-levels models
September 2022 Introducing Shiny for Python Shiny, R, Python
R-universe R, packages
Spring 2022
July 2022 Data visualization tips Data visualization
EpiPlay: using Wolfram Language to gamify education in epidemiology Staff picks, biological sciences, data science, education, game development, medical sciences, mathematica add-ons, graphics and visualization, interface construction, modeling, packages
R Workflow for Reproducible Data Analysis and Reporting R, data visualization, data, analysis
esquisse R, package, ggplot2, dplyr
censored R, censored data
May 2022 learnr R
Exploring RStudio’s Visual Markdown Editor RStudio IDE, RStudio workbench, R Markdown
April 2022 Guía «La divulgación basada en la evidencia científica» Statistics, outreach, guide
Connected Papers Paper
Quarto (Quarto / News)
COVIDWORLD app: current data and visualizations for SARS-CoV2 pandemic COVID-19, app
Improving Your Statistical Inferences Statistics, inference, education, resource
March 2022 Big Book of R R, book
Art of Stat on Your Phone R, app, mobile
February 2022 The BMJ: Statistics notes
Download Free and Open Access R software packages by USJ Department of Statistics – Promoting open science R package, GitHub, open science
January 2022 RStudio Cheatsheets R, cheatsheets
Autumn 2021
December 2021 Improving Your Statistical Questions Computational reproducibility, meta-analysis, experimental design, statistical inferences, philosophy of science
November 2021 What They Forgot to Teach You About R R
Harvard Dataverse Dataverse, data
October 2021 Articles about statistics
flextable R, tables
September 2021 GofCens R
Shinymanager R, authentication mechanism, shiny
Causal inference in R workshop R, causal inference
Spring 2021
July 2021 Tidyfast R, tidyfast, tidyr 
Visualizing Distributions with Raincloud Plots (and How to Create Them with ggplot2) R, ggplot2, raincloud plots
R Community Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Working Group R, R consortium
CientifiCA'T (web and twitter) Podcast, science
May 2021 R for applied epidemiology and public health. R, app, epidemiology, data management.
Diccionari de matemàtiques i estadística. Statistics, terminology.
Jumping Rivers: New features in R 4.1.0 R.
April 2021 Statistical Thinking News. Data analysis, statistical modeling, prediction, research integrity. 
Design of phase III trials with long-term survival outcomes based on short-term binary results (article, and R package). R, clinical trials, primary endpoint, survival, sample size.
Quantitative bias analysis, R shiny. Quantitative bias, misclassification, unmeasured confounding.
March 2021 Statistical Terms Glossary. To improve the glossary use the platform Datamethods. Statistical terms.
Obstacles to gender equality - application. Gender inequality, risk factors.
R cheatsheets. R, cheatsheets.
Open Knowledge Maps. Map, research.
February 2021 Creating optimal conditions for reproducible data analysis in R with 'fertile' (article, and R package). R, reproducible data, common mistakes.
Shinysurveys: easily create and deploy surveys in Shiny, R. Surveys in Shiny.
World map of COVID-19 vaccination. COVID-19, vaccine.
Explanation about COVID-19 vaccines (twitter thread). COVID-19, vaccine.
January 2021 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccinations. COVID-19, vaccine.
Autumn 2020
December 2020 Papers With Code. Code.
Distill package, RMarkdown. RMarkdown, HTML, articles, websites.
mapSpain package, R. R, maps, Spain.
eLife Journal (eLife, and more info).
November 2020 OER Commons, (video about hypothesis testing, and book about Introductory Statistics). Educational resources.
flexsurv package, R (mini-tutorial part I, and part II). R, standard survival model, proportional hazards model.
POMA package in Bioconductor, R (info I, info II, and Shiny App). R, shiny, mass spectrometry.
COVID-19 App: COVIDCAT. COVID-19, Catalonia, incidence, App.
October 2020 Tweetorial on going from regression to estimating causal effects with machine learning. Parametric regression, causal effects, estimation, machine learning.
Gender perspectives in universities (info, general guide, and mathematics guide).  Gender, universities.
RMarkdown interactive. RMarkdown.
Stein's paradox (twitter thread). Inference, Gaussian distribution.
September 2020 From Data to Viz. Data, graph, code.
Codeacademy platform. Online classes, programming languages,.
RStudio cheatsheets (RMarkdown, shiny, package development, and complete list).
Writing tips (twitter thread). Scientific writer, tips.
Shiny app about Florence Nithingale (app, and video). Shiny app, Florence Nithingale.
Teaching resources (video, and twitter thread). Education, statistics, data science.
Spring 2020
July 2020 Blog: Statisticians React to the News. Blog, statistics.
COVID19aldiaBCN, Shiny app. COVID-19, Barcelona, R shiny.
May 2020 Livecode R for teaching (slides, and info). R, education, livecode.
COVID-19 Coronavirus Data Dashboard. COVID-19, vaccination, graphics.
Wolfram repository for COVID-19 datasets (info I, and info II). COVID-19, data, resources.
R Package Explorer, Shiny app. R, package, shiny.
City Cicle Race, Shiny app.  Cicle, city, comparison.
Test your R skills by using the riddlr app. R, challenge.
April 2020 Resources for choosing a magazine (writing tips, magazin selection, and check if the magazine is reliable).
March 2020 Play with R: R package fun. R, play.
R function to convert LaTeX/knitr/pdf documents to RMarkdown/ knitr/html documents. R, RMarkdown, LaTex.
Beyond RMarkdown (tutorial, bookdown, pagedown, blogdown, xaringan, posterdown, pkgdown, and vitae). RMarkodwn.
February 2020 COVID-19 Dashboard. COVID-19, data, cases, deaths.
January 2020 R package ggstatsplot: beyond ggplot. R, ggplot.
Risk of bias tools: RoB 2 tool. App, risk of bias.
Date Contents Keywords
Autumn 2021
December 2021 COVID-19 Data Hub COVID-19, R package, data
Spring 2021
March 2021 World Happiness Report 2021 (news, report, and data). Happiest country, well-being.
Spring 2020
May 2020 Wolfram repository for COVID-19 datasets (info I, and info II). COVID-19, data, resources.
March 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19).  COVID-19, data.
February 2020 COVID-19 Dashboard. COVID-19, data, cases, deaths.
Data in Brief. Data.