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Statistics for Chromosome Interphase Positioning based on interchange data. The position of chromosomes in the interphase nucleus is believed to be associated with a number of biological processes. Here, we present a web-based application that helps analyze the relative position of chromosomes during interphase in human cells, based on observed radiogenic chromosome aberrations. The inputs of the program are a table of yields of pairwise chromosome interchanges and a proposed chromosome geometric cluster. Each can either be uploaded or selected from provided datasets. The main outputs are p-values for the proposed chromosome clusters. SCHIP is designed to be used by a number of scientific communities interested in nuclear architecture, including cancer and cell biologists, radiation biologists and mathematical/computational biologists. (Bioinformatics 21(14), 3181-3182).

Authors: Vives S, Bradford L, Vázquez M, Brenner DJ, Sachs RK, Hlatky L, Cornforth M, Arsuaga J.

Year of publication: 2005.

Last release and date (dd/mm/yy): 25/04/2005.

Links: To be uploaded soon.