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Description: dcens is a library for the estimation of the survival function for doubly censored data. A double censorship scheme appears when in addition to the usual right censoring also left censoring exists. If T denotes the time of interest, its exact value is only observed when it is in the time window [L, R], where L < R are positive random variables. So, the observable sample is integrated by the pairs (U, d) where U = min{R, max{T, L}} and d an indicator variable (d = 0 for exact values, d = 1 for right censored values and d = -1 for left censored values). The library allows the non parametric and simultaneous estimation of the marginal survival functions ST, SL and SR, for T, L and R, respectively by using an inverse probability of censoring weighted procedure. (Julià, O. and Gómez, G. (2011) Simultaneous marginal survival estimators when doubly censored data is present. Lifetime Data Analysis, 17, 347-372).

Authors: Julià, O., Gómez, G., Serrat, C. & Cortés, J.

Year of publication: 2011.

Last release and date (dd/mm/yy): v1.0 (15/12/11).


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