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One of the main goals of GRBIO is to enhance research of their members by assisting researchers with their statistical analysis. We can provide statistical expertise to the scientific community through consulting, teaching and contract services. Beyond the usual statistical consultancy service that can identify and apply the most appropriate statistical tools to solve a research problem we can extend the analysis service to deal with problems that lie beyond the boundaries of current statistical knowledge maybe due to the complexity of the data or the need for new statistical models. We can also provide training for any staff at any level from beginner to expert and covering any statistical topic from the applied end right through to cutting-edge methodological research.
Survival analysis
Guadalupe Gómez
Clinical trials
Guadalupe Gómez and Erik Cobo
Epidemiological studies
Klaus Langohr
Food technology
Klaus Langohr
Multivariate Analysis
Conxita Arenas
Bioinformatics and “omics” data analysis
Alex Sánchez