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1. Do I need to include you as a co-author on any publications?

One of the aims of the group is to enhance the research of its members. So, although we appreciate to be included as co-authors in any scientific work derived from our cooperation it is not a requirement.

2. What format will you need my data in?

We can receive data in almost any format. Comma separated variable (CSV) files are perhaps the most common as nearly all data management tools are able to both produce and read data in this format. We can also receive Excel or Open Office files.

3. What sorts of analyses can you do?

We can provide advice on any area of statistics, from applied issues to more technical matters. The members of our team have a solid methodological background and they are prepared to handle sophisticated analysis.

4. Where are your training courses held?

Courses can be held at our clients’ offices or at our universities campuses. In any case we try to work with the best facilities to obtain a full benefit of the course.